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Author Topic: Chromecast Audio + Foobar2000 = Budget whole house lossless audio  (Read 14968 times)

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Had a co-worker turn me on to the Chromecast Audio. Retails for $35, dropped to $25 on Black Friday.

As sold, they are highly useful to cast Google Play/Spotify/I Heart Radio to your speakers.
Recent updates have added Zones where you can group multiple Chromecast Audios to have synced playback. Outputs are 1/8 analog and MiniToslink.

Streaming from Google Play is 320MP3 if the source is lossless, and I was thinking. Can I do better?

Did a bit of poking around and found out how to cast from Foobar2000. The glue between Foobar and the Chromecast is BubbleUPnP server. ( Note: During installation it will check for Java on your computer, if it's not there it says it will download and launch the Java installer. It fails at this. Instead, a manual download and install of the Java Runtime Environment may be needed. (

After installation, run the configuration and go to the Media Renderers tab. Each Chromecast Audio and each Group's name will appear on the left. On the right check the Create a DLNA renderer for each unit/group you want to be able to cast to.

Next download the foo_out_upnp component (
Then in Foobar go File/Preferences select Components then install the upnp component with Foobar's install command.

Then in preferences, select output and from the dropdown pick the device/group you wish to cast to.

Lossless/Gapless PCM connection to your speakers anywhere in the house via wifi. :D
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Re: Chromecast Audio + Foobar2000 = Budget whole house lossless audio
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 02:19:07 AM »
I don't do much critical listening throughout the house these days -- typically headphones only.  But I do have Chromecast and BubbleUPnP set up to stream my entire music collection throughout the house.  Great to know I can go lossless via Foobar if and when I want to do so.  Thanks, Scoobie!
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Re: Chromecast Audio + Foobar2000 = Budget whole house lossless audio
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2017, 12:11:21 PM »
I too use Google Chromecast Audio with BubbleUPnP server on a Mac
with JRiver Media Center to stream anywhere in my house.


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