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Author Topic: Please, what is the justification for SPSB 1 : $79.95 and SP-SPSB-10 : $59.00 ?  (Read 658 times)

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On the soundprofessionals website, what is the justification for SPSB 1 :  $79.95 and  SP-SPSB-10 : $59.00 ?

What is the better? It's better 9V or 12V?
What does it change with 9v or 12v?

Yours sincerely.

EDIT Someone could move my thread from here to "Battery Boxes, Preamps, Mixers, ADCs, and Processors"
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I guess the SPSB 1 is bigger and has the bass rolloff switches. The SPSB 11 is similar to 10 but has the rolloff option and costs more.
Some mics, like CA-CAFS, will get fried with 12v.

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Also With 12 volts you are forced to guess at when to change the battery. With 9 volts you can use rechargeables if you like and recharge before every use. You can save a lot of $ that way and better for the environment.
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