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Author Topic: Aerco MP-2 preamp - Part 2  (Read 56992 times)

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Re: Aerco MP-2 preamp - Part 2
« Reply #255 on: November 17, 2017, 07:44:55 PM »
With my old Aerco, a knob would come loose.  I could tighten it with a small/tiny flat-head screw driver that was on my Leatherman multi-tool. 
It would eventually come loose again.. and I'd tighten it again.
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Re: Aerco MP-2 preamp - Part 2
« Reply #256 on: November 17, 2017, 09:45:22 PM »
One of the knobs on my MP-2 fell off.  Has this happened to anyone before?  Do I just need to find the right screwdriver to tighten the little screws on the knob?  Is it even a screw?  An allen key doesn't fit.  Tiny torx maybe?

A torx is essentially a notched allen. If the one you have doesn't fit, either the set screw is worn or you need metric vs standard, or otherwise.

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Re: Aerco MP-2 preamp - Part 2
« Reply #257 on: February 17, 2018, 01:43:16 PM »
My MP2 has been doing some squirelly stuff. Last night the recording was really hissy and had a couple of big distorted jumps. Opened it up today to see if I could see any loose wires or anything obvious and the batteries are starting to swell up- one of them looks ready to pop. Has anyone found a source of replacement batteries? Might just send it back to Jerry for a checkup anyway.

Edit - could not find a suitable replacement online that would fit the dimensions of the case and started to think about maybe drilling a hole and attaching something to the case then it occurred to me to just go to the Batteries Plus store and see what they have. They are going to put together a pack with 6 AAAs which will end up being 7.2 volts (compared to 7.4V original) and slightly lower capacity than the helicopter Li Po batts that Jerry used but NiMH chemistry and using the existing connectors which should fit easily in the tight spot. The Li PO batteries where really swollen. I'm glad I opened it up when I did.

Also thinking using an external will solve some problems - never have used the DC input. I have a ton of 5V batteries and don't want to buy any other voltage just to run the MP2 - anyone ever use a voltage up converter - you can get cheap ones to convert 5V to 9 or 12 V.
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