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Author Topic: Photojournalist audio newbie needs microphone type / brand / model advice  (Read 575 times)

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I am a photojournalist that is interested in recording audio to go along with photos on web slideshows.
I have purchased an M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 for the recording. That was the easy part.

Now I am very confused on what microphone/s to purchase.

Most of the sound I will need to record will be ambient sound of activities and events. But I do plan to also conduct an occasional interview with subjects as well.
Some of the events will tend to be large gatherings with many people talking and such.

What I think I would like are two microphones - An omni for ambient sounds, and a uni/hypercardoid for interviews to block out background noise. I would also like to be able use the uni / hypercardoid mic for ambient sound but be selective. For example, in a large crowd be able to point the uni / hypercardoid mic in the direction of something that I would like to record, blocking out as much of the other ambient sound as possible.

The only sugggestion I have gotten so far for the omni is ElectroVoice 635AB and RE50.
For the uni / hypercardoid mic a Beyer M59 has been suggested. (Hard to find in the US?)
I would like to try to stay away from shotgun mics just because I would like to carry the whole package in a small bag or waistpack while on assignment. Unless there is an extremley short shotgun mic out there.

I would like to stay away from condenser mics because of the battery issues with the 24/96.

And of course, being a photojournalist, and not making a lot of money, I would like to purchase the best mics for the least amount of money. $100 - $300 range for each?

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am fairly clueless about all this and have just started looking into it. I apologize for the broad questions.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You may soon find most types of microphones have serious issues for allowing easy and consistent ambient sounds recording. Especially true if your intention is more than vague feelings of a virtual experience from easy-to-record ambient source material.  I would think, there may also be concern for a good audio listening experience that does not cheapen the images presented, instead help transport the viewer to experience both familiar, and unique perspectives. 

Usually a most difficult requirement for recording professionals let alone amateurs like yourself. Here's a insightful recording tips page with many ambient recording links:

Personal experience with ambient recording (also my profession 18+yrs) suggests give a listen to ambient clips

Might motivate you to dig a bit deeper into natural sounding ambient using HRTF mic methods.

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