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Title: Van morrison healing game
Post by: raymonda on October 06, 2016, 10:08:24 PM
A number of months back i bought a nos cassette of this with the plans to transfer it to high rez. I just finally got around to it today. I might as well play with my new Kyocera, right? Anyway, after the transfer i decided to do a comparison with my vinyl version and there was a big difference, most notably in the low end, that actually went to the cassette copy. It was obvious that these came from different masters. Or, at least, during the vinyl cutting the bass was rolled off a lot.

Anyway, i ended up with a great transfer. However, after being in storage since it was printed, the cassette has some noticeable print through between tracks. The tape that was used was incredibly thin and over time this is what happens.

BTW the deck that was used was the Kyocera D811 that i have for sale in the yard sale. Anyone interested in the deck can receive a copy of this transfer, which i will hightail. It will let you know what this gem of a deck can do before purchasing.