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Title: Final hot rodded Thorens TD 150
Post by: raymonda on September 12, 2017, 11:10:40 PM
I'm in the process of most likely building the last hot rod Thorens TD 150. The cost of stock 150's have dwindled and the asking price of even beaters have exceeded what is rationale these days.

It will have a solid maple plinth and come with and extended carbon fiber arm board. I'm looking at fitting either a Rega arm or Jelco 370 arm. It will have the full treatment and will have a carbon fiber top plate, too. The platter will be polished, chassis damped and based spiked to carbon pads.

The plinth is beautiful and has a light black stain finish. This goes extremely well with the carbon fiber. It will also have a MH Cruise Control and maybe offered with or with out cartridge.

I'm probably looking to offer it up here for around 1600. The last two I sold went for 2200 and 2300. I'll post it on eBay and usaudiomart for much more than 1600. I just wanted to give folks a heads up, as many here have complimented me and wished they could swing one. As always, this table will be in as good as new condition and completely reconditioned.

Turn around on this build will be 2 to 4 weeks.