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Author Topic: AT 8531 Power Module Voltage Test  (Read 390 times)

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AT 8531 Power Module Voltage Test
« on: June 03, 2017, 06:21:46 PM »
OK, so I have these AT 8531 Power Modules, designed to power Audio Technica Mics, including the 853's. 

The Power Module takes an AA, or you can feed it Phantom Power and it converts it to a usable voltage for the 853s - I thought the AA supplied 1.5V, and people generally felt that was underpowering them, they needed 9V, and that if you fed the Module P48, it would convert the 48V to 9V.

I also read here somewhere, that if you (hacked it, and) connected a different battery to the AA leads, it would supply whatever voltage that battery supplied - i.e., if you connected a 9V to the AA leads, it would supply 9V to the mic, rather than 1.5V.  So, I was wondering if I could connect a 12V battery, if it would supply 12V (which is what I need for my AKG ck1x's).

EDIT:  this thread got me started:

SO......I broke out the Multimeter, my Sound Devices MP2, the AT8531 Module, a 9V with leads, and a 12V with leads.  Here is what I found.

A Duracell AA Battery (nominal 1.5V)  measured 1.593V at the power switch (before the circuit) and 1.385V at the mic xlr.
A Duracell 9V Battery (nominal 9V) measured 9.58V at the switch, and 9.06V at the mic xlr
A Duracell MN21/23 (12V nominal) measured 11.36V at the switch, and 10.51V at the mic xlr.

AND.....the most surprising (to me anyway....)

connecting my Sound Devices MP2 and feeding the module P48 Phantom Power (nominal 48V), it measured 41.01V at the switch, and 1.755V at the mic XLR.

so, unless I'm doing something wrong here (entirely possible), supplying P48 to this thing isn't much different from using the 1.5V AA battery.   ???

connecting a 9V or a 12V will pass that voltage through to the XLR, with a slight loss of voltage.

I have not done any recording or listening tests, didn't connect a microphone to this, and don't know if supplying it 9V or 12V through the battery leads is appropriate, or would cause any damage to the module or the microphone (I'm guessing no, but don't blame me if it does).

Any comments?
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