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Author Topic: Using my Tascam DR-07 w. external mics (OKM II Rock) or just internal  (Read 1333 times)

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I know, there are a lot of Tascam / OKM related topics, but not in this constellation:

Dear all,

i am pretty new in the taping business and i want to record some shows.
I searched this board a while and i have to decide for upgrade my stuff.
I only used a digital recorder (Tascam DR-07: for some shows and i was quite satisfied with the results.
I was only a bit nerved about the sensitivity in stealth situations.
Now i need your opinion about using the in ear mic solution like OKM II Rock (incl. A3 adapter) just in relation to the sound quality.
I have the possibility to get a used set @ 139 or a new set @ 179.

I just want to ask you a simple question: Does it improve my results or should i use the internal mic's from my Tascam DR-07 device?
Or do you think it is more trouble than it's worth with the OKM II Rock set?

I am from Europe and don't want to import mic sets from over sea, that's why i am asking about the OKM II.

Would be glad to read some opinions, thanks a lot!

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Using the OKM mics will absolutely improve your recordings. Go for it!
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