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Author Topic: Open Taping: Looking for suggestions for some 6-ch mic array and config  (Read 2716 times)

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Re: Open Taping: Looking for suggestions for some 6-ch mic array and config
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2017, 11:12:40 AM »
I'd want to know what mix is available from the soundboard, 2 track or multi.  If you could get the multi track from the board, that would be something to really look carefully at using.

Have to also say I am not familiar with the ability of the SD and the board the band is using.  Would it be possible to capture the board multi track and the mics feeding the SD in one multi track daw file? 

Then there are the sync issues between the Sony and the SD, and possibly the board mix if you get a separate file from it instead of a 2track into the SD.

It would really help if you could check levels during the sound check.  If you are having to go in and just record as best you can live, not easy.

Looking at the yt video, that was obviously multi camera.  That tends to create a level of visual expectation that's hard for one person to match, especially if you can only set up cameras and let them roll not being able to adjust shooting positions on the fly.

The type respectively the number of outs of the SBD is in fact the biggest unknown variable. In any case: With the amount of gear I'm going to lug to the venue, there are probably enough options to choose from in case I need a plan B.

Early access to the venue has already been agreed with the local promoter,.and there's also a support act - which means I should be able to check the actual levels before the main show.

I agree that a single camera isn't ideal but my focus is mainly on the audio part and I got great results out of the fixed camera shot at the show in Paris.
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