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Author Topic: Sony PCM-M10 alternative for taping and vinyl transfers?  (Read 2067 times)

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Re: Sony PCM-M10 alternative for taping and vinyl transfers?
« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2017, 04:24:59 PM »
Build quality is very subjective. While some people are looking for solid build, others may be looking for something more light/portable.

While I've owned the Edirol R-1, R-09, and R-09HR and 2 of the Sony m10s, the Edirols were made of the flimsiest plastic I've ever felt.

I was a little surprised to see comments that Tascams have let people down on build quality due to my experiences with the Edirols and Tascam. I have no issues at all with the Sonys I own either (well except I always get nervous opening and closing the door to the miniSD card - that is flimsy).

I use the R-09HR and the M-10, and find them both to be well built.  My only complaint is the R-09HR screen, because after a while, it's unreadable (mine is still fine, but it's on its way).  The Sony, being metal, is by far the best in that regard, but the I don't find the Edirol flimsy at all.  In fact, I love the material because it never sets off metal detectors.  The older Tascams were notorious for falling apart.  The knobs/switches/dials would simply come off on their own.  I agree that the M-10 should have used a full size SD card and not a mini.
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