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Author Topic: 1998 4v consecutive numbers, responses from Herr Vollmer  (Read 1961 times)

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Re: 1998 4v consecutive numbers, responses from Herr Vollmer
« Reply #15 on: October 06, 2017, 05:00:39 PM »
Wait, are you suggesting that there is a d:vice option for the 40xx series? I'm not seeing that on their website...

Yes.  Same d:vice.  The the DPA adapter cables Horus mentions (amplifier-body connector capsule end, micro-dot output end) provide the capability to use d:vice with all the newer modular standard-series capsules in addition to the miniature mics.  I suspect the amplifiers don't have quite the same specs and the cable run will be unbalanced, but I've not had interference issues with unbalanced runs to the miniatures.

The key aspect which allows that is all DPAs are pre-polarized condensers, eliminating the need for external polarization voltage.  Although I don't use their standard capsules myself, I was excited when this came to light and had long wondered about the possibility of powering their standard capsules with a low-voltage source. 

Here's a photo of the MMP-GS (side-exit) cable, also available as rear-exit-

Fist sample I've come across with the full-sized caps was posted by TS member Chrysler posted in the TS d:vice thread here-

That's-DPA 4018 > DPA D:VICE > Sons Xperia XZ Premium

The 4018 is DPA's standard super/hypercard capsule.  Found a photo on the the DPA d:vice page showing one 406x and one 4018-

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Re: 1998 4v consecutive numbers, responses from Herr Vollmer
« Reply #16 on: October 09, 2017, 06:02:44 PM »
So when I inquired as to history I was told that caps were not matched then, and can't be now. Not that they need it, db are indistinguishable. Does this jive with what you all have been told about older caps?

They've also never been serviced, amazing. I had my DPAs serviced like 6 times over 15 years.  :facepalm:
bought my first set of 4v in 99,  985 each plus 45 for matching.  hand written certs.  wasnt sure i had the cert paper when i went to sell them so i contacted schoeps for a copy if possible, they said " once any unit is used, they can not reissue a cert paper as they can not confirm tolerances. i was just trying to get a paper stating they were matched when purchased new!!  no biggie,  for the original cert paper and bill of sale.  u will be fine w/o matching caps.  good companies with strict QC is going to give you the same product, we hope,  no matter when purchased, day, month, year.  my 2 cents on it.  ed
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