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Title: T+UA5 with AKG 480's?
Post by: skotdee on June 04, 2008, 09:23:22 PM
Hey folks, I posted about this over on team AKG, but I figured I'd try here as well. I'll soon have a set of AKG 480's (woohoo) and I currently own an Oade T+ mod UA-5. I've read that the W+ is the flavor of choice for the 480s, even that it was specifically designed for those mics, but I wondered if anyone had experience with the T+ paired with the 480s. I've run the T+ with some SP C4s and it screams, so I'm thinking it will sound great with the 480s as well, but thought I'd throw it out here anyway to see what you folks think... Should I stick with this or look into grabbing a W+ and moving the T+? (or totally sluttin it up and having both  ;) )