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Title: Two Energizer XP8000 or XP 18000 or Tekkeon combo for MME>Dr680
Post by: Marcoscine on December 05, 2010, 08:28:54 PM
Hi Folks.
First sorry for my poor english, I'm from Brazil. I work with cinema and use MINI-ME>DR680, for about 6 or 8 hours a day.
I need some advice on which battery to buy.
By my calculations the Dr680 consumes 9w, and MINI-ME 5.5W, totaling 14.5 w. For a battery life of 8 hours, I would need 116Wh, or at least 100wh. I'm in doubt between Two Energizer XP8000 connected in series, or Tekkeon 3450 combo, or Energizer XP 18000 with a cable to both drives at 12v (this would be possible?). Has anyone had any experience with these batteries? And of course, by living in a third world country, I need the best cost-benefit with international shipping.
Title: Re: Two Energizer XP8000 or XP 18000 or Tekkeon combo for MME>Dr680
Post by: Gutbucket on December 21, 2010, 09:54:18 AM
I'm not sure how these behave when wired in parallel (or series).  I don't see why it sould be a problem but look into it.  I do parallel Lenmar type 9V DVD batteries without any problem.

I'm now using a single XP8000 in one of my rigs which works well, but be aware that you must power on the battery pack before the equiment.  Not sure if the Tekkeon works the same way.

Advantage of a single battery is simpler monitoring/charging and less components in the rig.
Advantage of parallel batteries is some redundancy- an intermittant connection to one is covered by the other.*
Dissadvantage of parallel batteries is more wires and connections to potentially tangle or fail.

Another option is separate batteries for preamp and recorder.  Advantage- simple hookup, possibly less wires. Dissadvantage- more components, need to monitor both, one lasts longer than the other.

*keep charged AA's in the recorder to cover any power intermittancy from any external battery.  Intermittant power to the preamp might cause a short dropout/thump, but intermittant power to the recorder will stop the recording and require rebooting to resuming recording.