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Title: Making a custom power adapter, advise needed
Post by: mmadd29 on March 18, 2011, 08:30:54 AM
I have a power adapter that I found that is from an old computer.  It puts out 12V @ 15A.  I was thinking of cutting off the end and use it to power my four battery chargers in my rack. That way I would only use on recepticle in my power unit. 

 My chargers can run with voltage between 9 and 18 V.  I was going to just create four plugs on the end, in parallel to power the chargers.  15A is more than enough current to power the chargers, as the draw would be around 5A or so.  My power unit in my rack is rated at 20A output, so I see no issue there.

Although I have an engineering degree, it has been 20+ years since I used it so I just checking if I'm missing anything here in my assessment.

If anyone see's something I'm overlooking please let me know.

Thanks in advance.....