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Title: 10mm electret capsule for R-26
Post by: mks on October 28, 2011, 11:59:21 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of 10mm electret capsule that has the least dramatic low frequency rolloff and at the same time is sensitive with a good s/n.

The best I've come across is the Primo EM175 with a sensitivity of -36db and s/n of 73db. It's just that 10 db rolloff that I find a little frustrating for the purpose of ambient environment recordings where it's important to get as much low frequency information as possible while self noise as far away as possible.

I'm hoping to improve upon the new Roland R-26's internal mics. Unfortunately it looks like they may be using that very same capsule. I'm pretty happy with the preamp circuit and other elements of the recorder. Noise performance seems better than what I've had previously which is great. However compared to the H4 for example, the built in mics seem very light on the low end (I've made a post on my thoughts on this elsewhere). I'd like to fix this issue as close to the front end of the recorder as possible though and not rely on post processing.

I'd also be willing to move to a larger capsule, even though that would require a lot of additional work.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.