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Title: 12v ext battery rec?
Post by: Cobiwan on March 08, 2014, 07:49:19 PM
I'm looking for some suggestions to power my Apogee Mini Me (with 48v phantom power) and Tascam HD-P2. Would prefer a single battery that runs both like the old Eco Charges. I currently run a Tekkeon 3750 for the mini me and have 2 sets of rechargeable AAs that I change out at setbreak for the P2. I want something more efficient and that lasts for 6 hours (3 sets) or more. Thoughts?

Also I have my old (read dead) Eco Charge 6v 7.2 Ah/20HR and charger. Can this be salvaged to the effect of prying off cap and replacing with SLA that would run amp and deck? Anyone on here making SLA batteries that would work for me?
Title: Re: 12v ext battery rec?
Post by: Hypnocracy on March 08, 2014, 09:08:57 PM
I've been thinking about this one...size is the only down I see currently


Here is a thread on it..

Title: Re: 12v ext battery rec?
Post by: twatts (pants are so over-rated...) on March 08, 2014, 10:20:39 PM
Batteries are easy to get...  Talk to H2O about getting a power distribution thingy, something that will take your battery and provide outputs to your devices...  Have him make power cables as well... 


Optimally, run a cable out of the batteries and terminate with 4pin XLR (wire it like your old EcoCharge).  Run that into the input on the power thingy and then run power cable out to your devices...  4pin XLRs all around (or the connection of your choice) and terminate at final end with the Device Plugs... 

I took the wall-wart for my HD-P2 and inserted a 4pin XLR in the cable.  Its wired to take an EcoCharge, or anything wired that way... 

Here is an old HD-P2 power thread...  http://taperssection.com/index.php?topic=145500.0

Title: Re: 12v ext battery rec?
Post by: waltmon on May 08, 2014, 02:35:26 PM