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Title: Sony RX 10 Mark 3 - Sony's hot shot against the FZ1000
Post by: sckofelng on March 30, 2016, 11:38:50 AM
Yep, the FZ1000 finally gets some serious competition!!

1 Inch Sensor (Stacked version Sony uses since the RX10 Mk2 and RX100 Mk4)
F 2.4-4.0 lens with 25x optical zoom (28-680mm focal length in 4k!!!!!!!!!)
4k 25/30p video (20min limit)
manual settings possible
live viewfinder
ISO settings until 12800 possible (FZ1000 only capable of 6400)
Battery said to be making it to 1 and a half hours of video

available in April 2016

This one looks HOT but so does the price, it's said to be around 1500$..
I might have to try it out in the future though, this one could be the best for our purposes (not counting DSLRs) at the moment!