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Title: WindTech 10379 - Military High Density Windscreen
Post by: BleedingMe on December 26, 2017, 04:49:50 AM
I was looking around for some Windjammers/Dead Cats/Fur Windscreens or whatever you want to call them for my SP-CMC-8's (Cardiod). They are pretty inexpensive on the Sound Pros website and even cheaper on eBay from China. But I came across the  WindTech 10379's - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1092891-REG/windtech_10379_high_density_military.html Has anyone had any experience with them and they do the job they purportedly say they do? 

I run stealth, so the side of the mics are fairly well shielded by fabric, so mainly just worried about the front of the mics. I'm not too worried about a slight drop in frequencies as I can EQ that back in if needed and know from experience with other mics, that prevention is far better than the cure.

Also, does anyone know of a more low-profile clip that will fit for these mics? I got the standard clips with them, but the top protrudes too much when they are clipped on and would like a better spacing, ie like the Shure RK183T1 which will not fit them.