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Title: Countryman B3 termination/mods
Post by: junkyardt on June 05, 2018, 10:21:51 PM
I've searched and read through just about every thread on here related to the Countryman B3 and have asked around privately but still feel like I need some clarification. I'm going to buy a pair of these and want them terminated into a single 1/8" plug and have them powered by a simple 9v batt box. It seems there is a lot of somewhat confusing information floating around out there about this process.

First question: is there a preferred configuration to purchase them in for this purpose? Or does it not matter because they're going to be re-terminated anyway? For instance, the B3s are sold with the following terminations: pigtail leads, 3.5 mm locking connector, 3-in XLR, TA4F, TA5F, 2.5 mm connector, Hirose 4-pin connector, etc. I was planning to buy the pigtail leads version because those seem to be the cheapest but I didn't know if it mattered.

Then, about the mods. The B3s are sold in standard-sens and low-sens versions, and there are apparently 2.2k and 4.7k mods that can be done to these. My question is, if I buy the low-sens version and intend to use them for loud shows, do I need a mod? Or would the fact that it's the low-sens version be sufficient? I contacted Sound Pros about doing it and they suggested ordering this service:


which is just the termination without a mod. $15 seems very reasonable, much cheaper than I was expecting. I am leaning toward ordering the pigtail leads low-sens version and simply getting them re-terminated without a mod, but I wanted to make sure there's not something I'm overlooking first.
Title: Re: Countryman B3 termination/mods
Post by: SoundHolic on July 11, 2018, 09:57:16 AM
I think low-sens version is enough for handling high SPL without any mod. So, get a pair of low-sens pigtails and save money unless you need connectors as parts.