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Title: Marantz PMD661 renaming folders and files
Post by: Antonius on June 26, 2019, 04:06:57 PM
The recorder creates automatically a folder and file to save the recorded material. The folder is named MPGLANG1 (and 2 etc.) and the file is named 1001.wav (or mp3) etc., if the machine ID is 1.
The manual says: changes made to file names and structures will prevent file recognition and playback in the PMD661. So it seems you cannot change these names.
But elsewhere in the manual the File List Menu has an option to change the name of a file and a folder.
I put some audio files on the SD card of the 661 with names that differ from the standard notation and the files are recognized and played by the 661. Why do they say you may not change the names of files and folders on the PMD661?
Title: Re: Marantz PMD661 renaming folders and files
Post by: DATBRAD on June 27, 2019, 07:16:37 AM
I think it's mainly referring to making changes to the root directory and file names on the card with a PC, then reinserting the SD card in the 661. Specifically, adding a sub-folder or making MPGLANG1 a sub-folder inside a newly created main folder on the SD card using your desktop computer and expecting zero issues with the deck in field use is unwise.
Not saying your "test" wasn't proof that you can successfully change a file name, but if anything goes wrong later, either with the existing renamed file, or subsequent files created by the 661 for new recordings, you can't claim you weren't warned by Marantz Pro about loss of data risk if you make changes to the card outside of the deck.