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Author Topic: Splitting a digital signal and RCA>mini questions  (Read 1058 times)

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Splitting a digital signal and RCA>mini questions
« on: January 12, 2004, 03:08:44 PM »
Heys guys - Great forum ya'll have here.  I am thinking about picking up a hard disk recorder to patch with, maybe the Gmini depending how the bit-perfect tests turn out.

Could something such as this be used to split a coax digi signal so I could patch and be anywhere in the chain?
Could this be used to convert from digital coax to mini-coax like the the jack found on the Gmini?

I know the product descriptions say they can be used for these purposes, but I know people are shy of using cables and adapters intended for analog signals for digital ones.

If I had these 2 adapters and a few coax cables, would I be able to patch digitally at most shows using the Gmini (assuming this unit turns out to be viable)?  Anything else I would need?  

Thanks for the help and thanks to all you tapers for taping all those great shows I've been listening to for the past 10 years!    

take it light - tad


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