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Author Topic: DR-680 and Battery Power  (Read 14445 times)

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Re: DR-680 and Battery Power
« Reply #30 on: June 27, 2013, 06:32:41 PM »
Funny thing is that I just sent off my wally world 9V when I sold/traded my V2 for the 680 + cash.

Ahh well... I just ordered a

Which some folks in thread 4 or 5 had good results with. I do use the USB to power my iPhone when I broadcast shows (though I do have some separate little usb/phone only batts for this too).

Off topic (sort of) Also grabbed a for $15.00. Not bad for a 32gb class 10/UHS-1 card. Only issue is that I don't think that the 680 will take advantage of the UHS feature which slows down the card a bunch. Oh well, I know my Nikon D7000 will make use of the UHS so I'll just take one of my regular Class 10 cards for the 680.

Anyway, my issue seems to be solved so I'll let this go back to a dead thread.
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