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Author Topic: littlebox and overload risk  (Read 1305 times)

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littlebox and overload risk
« on: May 15, 2013, 04:35:46 PM »
There's a question I'd like to ask to jon Stoppable or to anybody who knows.

I've been successfully using a Littlebox ( one of the first produced, no transformers) till now, coupled with a Edirol r09 hr recorder. I never had overload issues with the recorder line input recording classical piano concerts.

I'm leaning towards buying a new toy like Olympus Ls 20m  just to have the possibility of taping a video. I perfectly know that a much better result could be achieved by recording separate audio and video,
but I'm too lazy and haven't enough time to deal with much post-operation.

 I want to get decent audio as the main point ( it's about music!), so I'd like to use my Littlebox to send a line signal on the Olympus audio line-in, just as I do with my Edirol R09 Hr

I am a bit worried about the Olympus specs:

Mini jack ΓΈ 3,5 mm, impedance 39 kΩ
Input level LINE IN  - 6 dBv 

The audio recorder LS -14 has the same -6 level ( maybe it's better known here); the only difference is in impedance, which is indicated 10 KOhm on the LS-14 instead of 39 on the LS 20m. Don't know if it means something or not...

By the way, if I remember correct I think my Edirol recorder claims a nominal +2 in the line IN, so it seems it can take a hotter signal than Olympus.

What I'd like to know is if I'm running an actual overloading risk if I use a littlebox with Olympus LS 20m. Buying without having the possibility of a clean sound makes no sense to me.

Another question regards Littlebox powering options. It has a DIN port on the side, which can be fed with an up-to 15 v power. Is it possible to run it with an AC transformer in the wall socket or battery powering is mandatory?

thanks a lot for your help


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