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Author Topic: Edirol RO9->Church Audio CA 9100->AT 853Rx help needed pinpointing a fault  (Read 2229 times)

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Hi all

Firstly the rig: AT 853 -> Church Audio CA 9100 -> RxEdirol RO9.

I put it all together round about 2006 It has proved to be an excellent little workhorse and I have had no problems until recently.

The problem seemed to be on the left hand channel. On playback the channel seems to drop out. (Sample attached)

Initially I thought the mics were the problem, got them rewired only to find the same problem last night.

The Edirol seems to be working ok and using the built in mics I do get two channels.

This leaves me with the preamp and this is where it gets strange.

The right hand channel works perfectly and when I swop the mic over to the left hand channel imput it works approximately 80% of the time.

As for the other 20% of the time I have multiple problems. These include left hand channel working after swopping the mics (which you would expect), both channels not working (which is confusing) and more oddly if I shout into the mic when it is plugged into the right channel I have had signals coming through on both channels.
Any help in pinpointing the exact fault would be greatly appreciated.

Theories I have come up with so far include the pre amp needs a service (which would not surprise me as the whole set has been through hell and back through the years.) On this point I am sure I remember a link saying that Chris was happy to recycle his old preamps to bring them up to the latest spec. Can anybody confirm this please?

Or the mics are still knackered.

Sods law dictates that I have a couple of gigs coming up in June so I need to sort this out ASAP.

I look forward to people`s opinions
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I'm afraid I can't help you, but I would like to point out that the proper way to write source info is mics > preamp > recorder. Best of luck on your issue.

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Does your 9100 have minixlr inputs? I'm assuming so since you mention swapping channels.  And Chris is good for fixing his products if that's the case.  I'd drop him a line and he'll get you straightened out.
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Thanks hi and lo and paulbaptiste for your feedback.

Funnily enough I was just about to contact Chris to see if he can help.


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My $$ is on your R-09's input jack finally flaking out.
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My $$ is on your R-09's input jack finally flaking out.
Unfortunately that seems to be the most likely cause of your problem. You can probably rule out problems with the mics or preamp if the gear sounds fine through one of your R09 input jacks but not the other. I assume you are using line in with your preamp. If so, you could set the pre at unity gain (11:00) so it acts as a battery box and see if you have the same problem going mic in.

Then if it still seems to be an issue with one of the R-09 jacks, it might be worth checking to be sure that the R-09's input jack isn't simply dirty (although I don't really think that's the problem from the issues you describe).

Guysonic has given the following advice:
Clean & recondition noisy mic. jacks with 91 - 99% pure isopropyl alcohol. Repeatedly insert a headphone type plug soaked to the point of dripping (filling the alcohol bottle cap and dipping only the metal part of the mini-plug works well) into the mic. jack until any connection noise disappears. Monitor the progress with a set of headphones while the deck is in a record function. Rotating the microphones plug should not produce audible noise with cleaned and conditioned contacts. Applying a contact conditioner to already cleaned plug and jack metal parts (Stereo retailer & Sonic Studios available Pro-Gold by Caig Labs works great) once to several times a year will help protect contacts from corrosion/wear and from producing noise for much longer between cleanings. (Return to Tapers Tips Page)
CAUTION ADVISED: AVOID PLACING CONTACT CLEANER ON ANYTHING BUT THE METAL CONNECTOR PARTS; Plastics can be softened, discolored, and even dissolved! This may actually coat the very metal contacts intended for cleaning! Fortunately, deck input jacks are reasonably resistant to alcohol and most ‘plastic safe’ cleaners when used occasionally and with care.
WARNING: Never spray anything into the jacks on a deck. Most Mini-DECK jacks are not the enclosed type anymore, but are open, allowing sprays to go where they can cause mechanical problems with the tape transport mechanisms and coat the tape.

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My $$ is on your R-09's input jack finally flaking out.

I think this is the answer.

The R-09 mic-in seems to be able to tolerate a pretty loud signal though so you could always use that instead if you can't get this sorted out before your shows.
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My $$ is on your R-09's input jack finally flaking out.
I have to agree. Mine did the same thing; I read about the plug problem on TS, and since the warranty had expired, I figured what the hey, I'll try to fix it. I opened it up, and the socket is soldered directly to the PCB board, and I saw where the connection had broken, so I soldered it back, mixed up some epoxy and put a little on it to prevent a future break. Easy enough; the hard part is getting it back together - the slide switches are a bitch to keep in place until you can get it closed, but once I got it all back together, it works like a champ.
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