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Author Topic: Bixnet BP160 > R-44  (Read 1577 times)

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Bixnet BP160 > R-44
« on: July 11, 2013, 01:56:26 PM »
i was searching for a very high capacity battery that would power my R-44 for long events in which my access to power is limited, and i picked up a Bixnet BP160.  i have not used it in the field yet, but i ran a home test to see how long the Bixnet would last with a 2-channel setup and am sharing the results in case anyone is interested. 

equipment: ck5 caps > 451eb bodies > T-Gak cable > R-44
R-44 record settings: 16 bit/44.1 kHz
Phantom Power: provided by R-44 on channels 1 and 2
Bixnet setting: 12v
total continuous run-time: 28 hours, 21 minutes   

•Technical Specifications

Model: BP160
Capacity: 153 Watt-Hour
Battery Cell: Panasonic
Colors: Silver
Chemistry: Li-ion
Input Charging Voltage: DC 12 - 19V
Output Voltage: 12V/19V + 5V USB Port
Operation Current: Max. 4.75A
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Size: 270.00 x 145.00 x 32.55mm
Weight: 1340g
Power Indicator: 4 level LED indicator
Built-in Protection Circuit:
- Over-charge
- Over-discharge
- Over current
- Over temperature
- Short circuit protection

Included in Standard Package:
- Battery x 1 pc
- AC Charging Adapter x 1 pc
- Adapter Power Cord x 1 pc
- DC Car Charging Adapter x 1pc
- Power Cable x 1 pc
- Plug Tips x 12 or more

Although the BP160 is called external lithium-ion battery pack, it may be more accurate to consider it as a smart power supply that powers from lithium battery cells. Unlike a traditional battery pack, which may just simply connect battery cells together in serial or parallel with simple protection, the BP160 has following unique features:
1. Strong, impact resistant outer casing.
 2. Fully functional electronic board inside to control the input voltage and current that actually applied to battery cells when in charging mode.
3. Built-in DC to DC converter to supply regulated stable power at different user selectable voltages.
4. On/off switch. The power pack will only turn on when both output cable is plugged in the output port and the on/off switch is turned on. This will effectively prevent the power pack to be activated accidentally.
5. Many safety protection functions such as Over-charge protection, Over-discharge protection, Over current protection, Over temperature protection, Short circuit protection
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Re: Bixnet BP160 > R-44
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2013, 02:30:09 PM »
Thanks for your time and effort Trent.  Great battery and my go to for my power hungery AD2k+
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