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Author Topic: ROCK / METAL loud live recording  (Read 3433 times)

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Re: ROCK / METAL loud live recording
« Reply #15 on: February 25, 2018, 09:53:17 PM »
You may not need a new recorder--just a battery module to deal with the hot signal.

If you are trying to record mics directly into Mic-in, that could be your problem. At metal volumes, the mics themselves can overload--and I expect that most internal mics would as well. Then mic-in goes through an internal pre-amp that amplifies the signal more, another chance to overload.

An attenuator cuts down the signal after it comes out of the mic, which makes things easier for the Mic-in preamp. But if the mic has already overloaded for lack of power, it can't fix that.

I record most amplified music, including metal, with mics (CA-11) into a 12-volt BATTERY MODULE into Line-In. Extra power from the module to the mics lets them handle louder sounds. And there's no preamp behind Line-in., but the battery module supplies enough power to get a nice clear signal recorded. 

Read the Soundpros page for the CMC-4 and it talks about power options.  The SoundPros SP-SPSB-10 is probably fine, or use their online chat to doublecheck what would work best with your mics and recorder.

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