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Author Topic: Ncharge vs other battery methods  (Read 1190 times)

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Ncharge vs other battery methods
« on: April 27, 2004, 06:37:20 AM »
Well I decided to spring for the 5ah NCharge at Best Buy, but it doesn't seem to work.  My laptop won't stay on plug in power for more than 30 seconds and then it shuts off.  Anyone have any clue as to why this happens.  If not, then instead of trying to figure out why, I'm just gonna return the thing.

Batteryspace sells a 9500mah 12V NiMH battery pack for $90

By my calculations, that's almost double the capacity of the ncharge for 1/2 the price.  Just make a car plug adapter for one end and I'd be good to go.  How do you think something like this would fair over a 7ah SLA (what I currently use), in Weight (I'm most concerned with weight), portablity, duration (how long I'll have the battery pack before it dies), charge time, etc.

Batterymart sells a 7500mah PowerBase for $160

I know that a lot of use use Ncharges or electrovaya's, but the electrovaya's are about $100+ out of my pricerange.

I'd really like to switch to something less heavy and bulky than the two SLA's I use.


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