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AA Batteries? What's the best rechargeables?

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What do we have in 2017?

does the charger matter at all?  or is it all in the battery itself? 

i figure any charger will charge, the only variable is how quickly.  so, i shouldn't need to upgrade my charger, just the battery itself, right?

Panasonic Eneloop Pro


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Thought so.

Would an energizer charger work just fine with these?

I think any of the Eneloop family is the gold standard for AA NiMHs. Some have a bit more power, but less cycles.

I also feel the charger makes a difference, dumb vs. smart. You can balance charge time, heat & cell life, and the charger should use the dV/dt charge sensing and be reliable at detecting end of charge.

Personally, I use a Maha-Powerex MH-C9000, although there are several others well thought of. My understanding is that the charge rate should optimally be about 0.5-1C, so a 2000mAh Eneloop should be charged at 1000mA-2000mA. I understand that this Maha undercharges slightly and does a tiny trickle charge after it says, "full," but never totally shuts off. You are supposed to remove the cells after an overnight charge & sit, I guess.

I've been using the 2400 mAh Duracell Ion Core for a few years, and they are excellent.  They are re-branded Eneloop XX's but cheaper and often found in supermarkets and drugstores.

Here is testing showing that these are the same as Eneloop XX.


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