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Author Topic: Mic2496 - anyone got one?  (Read 3461 times)

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Re:Mic2496 - anyone got one?
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2004, 02:34:59 PM »
After reading between the lines the mic2496 has a seperate box (not shown on the website) that powers 48v to the mics?  I just don't see how this thing can power mics, work as a preamp and a/d on 9v.  It's an intriguing product as I wonder how it would sound w/my gefell m300s.  

C Evans
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Re:Mic2496 - anyone got one?
« Reply #16 on: May 30, 2004, 10:19:42 AM »
Anyone got a good Mic2496 recording with DPAs, 414's, TLs, Schoeps, or MHBOs to post ? Mebbe some SCI, phish, or something Jazzy  ?

I still haven't heard anything from it.

Thanks !



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