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Author Topic: Maximum useable size/speed CFII for Marantz PMD660?  (Read 2499 times)

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Maximum useable size/speed CFII for Marantz PMD660?
« on: May 06, 2008, 01:01:38 AM »
 I've seen a lot of conflicting information regarding this posted on this board. One poster insisted that the PMD660 wouldn't use anything larger than 4GB, and then I see a stock photo somewhere of an 8GB card sticking out of the machine. Then I find a reference to using a 16GB SanDisk card (no model number mentioned) in a PMD660, but there was no followup to verify that the device could use "all of the card" (or even half of it) successfully. Some cards make noise, apparently, while others don't. To be safe, my plan is to purchase Lexar media (as recommended by Marantz). I just want to know what is the biggest card I can use in this machine.

 I know that quite a few people on this board own these machines. I'm close to owning one myself, but would like more information. For instance; it'd be less expensive for me to buy two 8GB cards than it would be to buy four 4GB cards. And that's the route I'd like to take. But if the 8GB cards won't work properly in the device, I guess I'd have no choice...

 Any advice (regarding memory cards for the PMD660) would be appreciated. I wrote to Marantz about three weeks ago and haven't heard back from them. So, I'll ask the members of taperssection (who actually use this gear in the field). Thanks for your time.
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