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Author Topic: Modding Behringer UCA202 A/D (Burr Brown) for XLR-in, pictures (Polish)  (Read 5424 times)

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I haven't seen that many posts about the Behringer UCA202.
Basically it's an AD that converts line level only to 16bit digital (toslink). The nice thing about it is the tiny footprint:
22 mm (0.87") x 88 mm (3.46") x 60 mm (2.36")
Weight approx. 0.12 kg

Powered by USB only, it could be useful for taping if it's possible to power it with a USB battery.
According to an Australian user, it contains the Burr Brown PCM2902E chip.
Click on the photos for huge blowups.

Anyway, a Polish user made some serious modding to improve the noise floor, added XLR in- and outputs (and maybe some other improvements that I missed):

Maybe some of our Polish experts here on can elaborate?!
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FYI, I opened your link in IE7  with Google toolbar running and it translated the whole link on the fly.  Interesting project.
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