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Author Topic: When you delete things off your JB3, the cancel button doesn't stop the delete  (Read 1526 times)

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I accidently confirmed to delete what I thought was in my music library, but it was on the Nomad.

Lost the show I recorded last nite. (Unless there is a miraculous way to recover this stuff...which I doubt).


Just make sure you are deleting the right thing, because when you hit cancel, the delete just continues... and continues... and continues...

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Tickets are dead to me.  Except the ones I have, don't have, and lost.  Not to mention the ones you have, don't have, and lost.   And the ones that other dude has, doesn't have, and lost.  Let me know if you need some tickets, I'm happy to oblige. 

Tickets >>>>>>>> Oxygen

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sorry for your troubles :'( +T

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+T bro, sorry bout your luck, theres always a next time, and i bet you learned from your mistakes.....everyone of us has done something similar or worse, (forgot my DECK going to oswego in 99 and then my stand on NYE in the everglades :P)but i wont do either again ;)
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