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Author Topic: Microtrack II 1/8 mic in VS Sony RH1 line in  (Read 6395 times)

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Re: Microtrack II 1/8 mic in VS Sony RH1 line in
« Reply #30 on: January 19, 2009, 11:57:48 AM »
The really cool thing though is that it does not take much to make a good recording. We've come a mighty long way since I made my first aud. recording... ;D 8) ;D

You're defintely right about that! I've got some pretty good equipment on hand but can make a very fine sounding recording with just Chuch Audio ST-11 cards > Battery Box > iHp-120 (replace the battery box with a preamp if the concert is not going to be very loud). Haven't screwed up a recording due to clipping in quite a long time.
AT853's (all caps)/CM-300 Franken Naks (CP-1,2,3)/JBMod Nak 700's (CP-701,702) > Tascam DR-680
Or Sonic Studios DSM-6 > M10


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