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Author Topic: Sony D7 (digi out) > UA-5 (digi in)  (Read 1080 times)

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Sony D7 (digi out) > UA-5 (digi in)
« on: June 05, 2009, 03:45:44 PM »
Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this, if so, Mods please move as need be

Now that I've moved to HDD based recorders, I don't do that many DAT > PC transfers anymore.

With that said, I attempted to transfer a DAT the other day and my MAudio 2496 sound card does not lock onto the signal.
(I've had this sound card for close to 3 years now and have transferred many-a-dat tapes without a problem).

My process to do this is as follows:
Sony D7 > 7pin-coax > MAudiophile 2496

What I'm wondering is if anyone has ever plugged their D7/8 into a UA-5 before?
(assuming you have the correct digi cable to do so)

So I'm looking for alternate solutions for my dat transfers and am wondering if this setup would work:
D7 (digi out) > Edirol UA-5 (digi in and digi out) > iPAQ (digi in)

I already have the D7, UA-5, and the iPAQ, so the only thing I would need is the appropiate cable to go from my D7 to the UA-5.


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