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Author Topic: ISO - Stealthy Pre  (Read 4108 times)

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Re: ISO - Stealthy Pre
« Reply #15 on: September 01, 2009, 06:16:23 PM »
ohhh now that would def make life easier
the little box still seems like it might be better though
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Re: ISO - Stealthy Pre
« Reply #16 on: September 01, 2009, 06:29:35 PM »
Littlebox is an amazing machine for the money.

Even though you want 1/8 out, I would suggest getting dual RCA outs for a more secure connection and more versatility. To go 1/8 in to a recorder, just use a dual RCA-1/8 mini plug adapter cable instead of a cable terminated with a mini plug at both ends. You would also be able to get a cable that would go into the dual TRS line inputs of your MT.

For use with your MT, since some people have said you sometimes need a pad when recording loud shows and Littlebox's minimum gain is 5 dB, you might want to add a switchable 15 dB attenuator.

I have the attenuator and RCA outs on my Littlebox and am pleased with it's versatility.

I have this one:,122871.msg1670227.html#msg1670227

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