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Author Topic: Why not use Rockbox'd Ipod?  (Read 4796 times)

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Re: Why not use Rockbox'd Ipod?
« Reply #15 on: March 18, 2010, 12:57:44 PM »
IMO, the iRiver H120 is one of the most well built, trustworthy gadgets I've ever purchased. Bought mine in the fall of 2003 when they first came out and managed to pull some good recordings prior to Rockbox, even without levels monitoring. After Rockbox...well it's was a no brainer as a recorder and a damn fine playback device. Just changed my original battery in 2009, after almost 6 years of use.

This is one of those devices you just wished the manufacturer never discontinued.  :hmmm:

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Re: Why not use Rockbox'd Ipod?
« Reply #16 on: March 18, 2010, 09:10:38 PM »
Get a plain line-in connector instead, like this:

Have that one.

Many report that there is recurring hiss one of the channels, or crosstalk.

True.  The noise is in one channel without the dock connector even plugged in.  It's pretty low on mine, so probably not an issue with loud music.  But, still inferior nonetheless.

I tried using my iPod behind my V3 with attenuators and brickwalled the hell out of it.  I have only done this once and I am not done tinkering (honestly, i wasn't paying much attention to it & didn't expect it to work).  I would never use this as a main recorder.  But, I'm not ready to completely dismiss it as an MP3 player & a back up to the back up recorder.  The battery and the software ran for all of Hill Country Revue and North Mississippi Allstars without failing.  I have a 9100 on the way; I'll test it with that once it arrives... 

Agree with all the posts that iRiver is a better choice.  I'm just messing around with the iPod...

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