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Author Topic: DMX512 cables as microphone cable  (Read 1347 times)

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DMX512 cables as microphone cable
« on: May 13, 2010, 10:54:05 PM »
There has been a long debate as to whether it is acceptable to use microphone cable as DMX cable, but what about the other way 'round?  DMX cable is two twisted pairs with shield, low capacitance, with a characteristic impedance of 100 to 120 Ohms.  Why wouldn't DMX cable work as microphone cable, particularly for carrying a stereo mic signal? 


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Re: DMX512 cables as microphone cable
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2010, 03:34:41 PM »
Actually, no it is too broad a generalization to think that "all" DMX cable is twisted pair.  on the contrary most 3 pin DMX is your basic mic cable with no regards to resistance.  One you get into 5 pin cable the playing field changes.  Then it is entirely dependent on the rental house who supplies the cable or the person who is buying it.  Most pro shops build there own.  At that level if they are a bigger shop they are most likely using stuff that is designed for data transmission and not particularly for audio.  IE: Proplex.  I've read somewhere that cable like that has some issues in the high frequency range but I can't recall exactly what I read and can't seem to find it handy. 

I'd think the real question is why do you want to use DMX cable?  If you are considering the 5 pin set up realize that only three of the five pins are being used to carry signal.  So some cable is not even soldered on all five.  If it is a cost factor.....well cheap is cheap just like any cable.  You can get Canare in any number of strands you'd like, so why not use that?


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