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Author Topic: Low Voltage Panthom Power question  (Read 1793 times)

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Low Voltage Panthom Power question
« on: September 04, 2011, 07:29:52 PM »
Hello Tapers of the world.

I basically have a question on how to design or buy a low power phantom power device in order to use it with a pro Mic that I recently got.
I just bought this slim headworn Nady HM-20U (electrec condenser, uni-directional cardioid) mic. Specs indicate this mic would need a power supply
of 1.5-12V DC (So I assumed this is P12, low voltage Phantom Power).
Here are the manufacturer's description & specs:

And I bought it with the 3.5mm phono plug (not Mini XLR)

Also, I found this 9V Battery Module:

But I'm afraid this module will add some noise as well as will have a limitacion in frequency response.

The whole idea is to use this mic with a PC or laptop using 3.5mm minijack connections only (due to I got the mic with a 3.5mm connector).

So, Do you guys know of any other low voltage pre-amp (battery or wall powered), not necessarily cheap,  that will meet this 3.5mm phono plug / minijack connections?
Will I have to get an especial adapter or pre-amp? Are there such pre-amps in the market?
Can I make one myself?

Any help would be really really appreciated.

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