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Author Topic: "Crackling Frequency" Heard in Monitors When Loading Web Page or Scrolling Mouse  (Read 5104 times)

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I copied that review from Amazon here...

5.0 out of 5 stars iMac + Apogee Duet 2 + Yamaha HS50M + Hum X = Wonderful, February 13, 2012
By C. Allen - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Ebtech Hum X Voltage Hum Filter (Electronics)
Hallelujah! It worked! Here's the setup: my Apogee Duet 2 plugged in the USB port of my iMac, my Yamaha HS50M external monitors plugged into the balanced outputs of the Duet (using balanced cables mind you). There whenever the computer was on, ESPECIALLY when scrolling with the magic mouse, there was a low "digitized" sounding interference coming through the monitors that would correspond with either the scrolling of the mouse or the crunching of the Hard disk in the computer. It came through even when the monitors were muted or full blast. Terribly distracting when trying to mix!

Talked to Apogee, the guy just said "Make sure your cables are all balanced" (which they are). Zero help. Tried moving things around, making sure cables weren't crossed, tried using a cable with the ground lifted, tried putting everything on the same power strip, plugged into different power strips, different outlets in the room - No change. Did some research and learned that this problem has something to do with the way the iMac grounding works, such that it sends interference through the electrical ground that the monitors pick up. Came across this product, and found it available at a local Guitar Center (so I could pick it up same day). Went to get it, and they were out of stock! I explained the issue to the guy there, and he said he's found that those kind of problems are usually related to power quality, and that a power conditioner is the way to go. So, feeling exasperated at this point, decided to try it. Brought it home, plugged everything into this clean power and....nothing. No change. Still the same problem. I was ready to send everything back and just give up.

Went back to my research once more and things kept pointing to the Hum X. The price seemed a bit high for such a little thing, but the power conditioner cost quite a bit more than this (which I returned by the way). So, purchased from Amazon, even bit on the next day shipping (which I NEVER do) convinced that this was my last chance.

With a nervous hand and a prayer in my heart I plugged my iMac into the Hum X and thank the Lord, it worked! No more noise, no more interference! I cried tears of joy knowing that I could now mix my audio in peace!

This may or may not work in all applications, but it sure worked in mine. From what I've read as well, the issue is with the iMac. So, if you have external monitors connected to an iMac one way or another and are getting weird noise when you scroll the mouse or the hard disk is running...look no further! The price is well worth it!
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Interesting situation.  I'm not using an iMac but I'm tempted to try this Hum X.
I'd really rather have the outlets grouned (running monitors off a properly
grounded outlet appear to solve the issue for me) but I've not investigated
the amount of hassel involved to wire them properly.

Thanks for your posts.


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