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Author Topic: Preamps & Audio Interface Inputs. (underwater)  (Read 1626 times)

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Preamps & Audio Interface Inputs. (underwater)
« on: November 29, 2013, 04:33:08 AM »
I am looking to build a preamp for a project and have a microphone with the specs given below that I require to get to the right level before it enters a Behringer FCA1616 (specs also given below). Could anyone point me in the correct direction for calculating the gain needed to get the levels to match.

Behringer FCA1616:
-Dynamic Range:       102dB A-weighted.
-Impediance:             1Mw.
-Max. Input level:       +14dBu.
-Pad attenuation:       15dB.

-Sensitivity:             -190dB re: 1V/μPa (+/- 4dB 20Hz-4KHz)
-Useful range:         <1 Hz to >100KHz (approx. at 100KHz = -220dB re: 1V/μPa)
-Capacitance:          25nF
-Polar Response:     Omnidirectional (horizontal)
-Operating depth:   <80 meters
-Dimensions:          25mm x 46mm
-Mass:                    105 grams
-Specific Gravity:    5.3

-Sensitivity:             -218dB ±3dB (at 250Hz)
-Useful range:          1 Hz to 250KHz(+2, -4dB)
-Capacitance:           3nF
-Polar Response:      Omnidirectional (horizontal)
-Operating depth:     1000 meters
-Dimensions:            25mm x 46mm
-Mass:                     1.6 kilograms (including cable)



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