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Author Topic: Best CD/DVD/BD/HD indexing utility?  (Read 1081 times)

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Best CD/DVD/BD/HD indexing utility?
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:24:02 AM »
I've been using an old freeware tool called "CD Indexer Pro 8" for several years to keep a catalog of my archive of removable media.  It's worked pretty well for me, but it's long since been abandoned by the developer.  It's now showing signs of a critical issue that I know I won't be able to get around, so I'm thinking it might be best to simply move to another package.

So... does anyone have any suggestions?  I know I can't be alone with this need, but I'm coming up pretty blank when searching for software titles.

Here's my wishlist:

1.  minimal/no manual data entry needed.  feed a disc, create index, eject disc.  repeat.
2.  ability to export to .csv
3.  fast searches
4.  cross-platform
5.  open source

I did some trials of an open-source, cross-platform package called "Basenji" but found it a little lightweight for my needs.  After contacting the developer with some enhancement requests, he basically told me there was zero demand for the features I was requesting and he would not be considering my suggestions.  (Thanks, buddy!)  So that package is pretty much off the table.

I'd love to hear about how other people are cataloging their archives of recordings.  Thanks.

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Re: Best CD/DVD/BD/HD indexing utility?
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2014, 01:24:31 PM »
Sorry I don't have a suggestion for the type of software you are seeking. From what I've been reading here at Taperssection over the last few years, it seems most folks don't bother burning CD's anymore. Instead, digital files are being kept, well, digital.

I find myself in the same boat.

So, in answer to your question about keeping records...

Years ago I started a Filemaker Pro 3 database to keep track of my Grateful Dead tapes and print lists for when we traded tapes through the mail by answering ads in Golden Road, RELIX and Dupree's Diamond News). Over time I added my non-Dead collections. It was pretty simple Date, venue, city state and setlist.

That db was modified over the years and we're now on FMPro13 (you could do this with Access or Open Office Base but the fields are not as flexible as those in FMPro). Granted, working with a db is going to be alot more labor intensive than simply plugging in a CD and having the software do the cataloging.

Anyway, I find that the following data fields have been helpful and are quickly searchable:
Setlist or Album song List
Special Notes
Recording Notes
(taken from the info file or my own recording notes about mics, levels, settings, post processing, etc). I find this helpful if I am returning to a venue after some amount of time and don't recall what worked well or not in previous recordings.
Checkbox list - How Obtained (Purchase, My recording, etree, snail mail trade, etc.)
Checkbox list - Location (flac files on my HDs, folders where located, CD, cassette, itunes, etc.)
Checkbox list - Sent to (seeded at etree, DIME, Tradersden, LMA, no seed, etc.)

Other fields that I find are only really relevant to my older Dead tapes (Source, Gen, Quality, etc.)

Like I say, it's labor intensive but it works for me.


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