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Author Topic: Sony PCM-M10 for ambient recording while WALKING  (Read 1042 times)

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Sony PCM-M10 for ambient recording while WALKING
« on: March 07, 2015, 10:34:26 PM »
OK, so it's easy to do when you are not moving, but I need to walk and record ambient sound at the same time. (but not chew gum LOL)

Practical example: dual recording for video. Camera is mounted on handheld stabilizer Nebula, while is quiet but not completely silent. So IMHO no way to mount M10 anywhere near it.

One-man crew (I'm doing both camera and audio. Ta-da.)

So I'm thinking, perhaps:

-  wear tight headphones (so they won't fall off) and mount M10 on top of the headphone band temple. Will look crazy but probably doable. Except it may still pick up the camera handling noise and operator breathing.

- instead of top of the band, make another headphone band that goes across behind my head, and mount the M10 there, with mics facing backwards. So the head would shield from the breathing and handling noises at the front, while M10 would still pick up the ambience.

Totally rubbish or is it doable? Or is there a better way?

Again, the factors here are:

- ensure one-man operation
- isolate from camera/operator's noise such as breathing, camera handling, stabilizer motors
- isolate from my steps vibration while walking (how?)
- isolate from wind (I hear great things about Rode DeadKitten, but I used to have it and threw it out as it shed like crazy! Doesn't really mix with video when you need to interchange lenses - last thing you want is some hair in the frame...)

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