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Author Topic: DR-40 v. 100MKiii - mostly for the internal mics (sorry, belabored topic)  (Read 2137 times)

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I was recently at a show w/ a buddy who had a zoom h2n.  He set it on a ledge in a decent, if not noisy spot, and I was pretty surprised at how good it sounded.  Was always skeptical of internal mics, but those tapes made me re-think that.  So I like the idea of just being able to hit record and set the recorder on a ledge/table for shows that it's not cool to bring the mic stand in for.  And I'm not really interested in traditional stealth taping anymore.

I currently run CA14 > 9100 > dr07.  Pretty happy with it overall, but looking at getting a recorder that I can use to record shows w/ the internal mics, but might also upgrade my current bit bucket.  Stuff like XLR inputs, 4 channel recording are cool, but not really a big deal to me. 

Looks like I can get a DR40 for about $150, whereas a 100mkiii will run me about $400. 

So basically just wondering what the 100mkiii gets me for that $250. 


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Are you not considering the Zoom H2n which you liked?


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