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Author Topic: MM-HLSC-1 (4.7k mod) + DPA 4061 (2) + CA-9100 + SP-SPSB-6524 + Tascam DR-2d ?  (Read 1059 times)

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Hello tapers,

in my never ending quest for getting the best sounding s1€@l1# tapes, I'm considering getting a Tascam DR-2d (4-track digital recorder) and a pair of matched DPA 4061's (or a pair of OKM II Rock Studio set incl. A3).
My complete rig will then consist in :

  • a pair of MM-HLSC-1's (w/fixed 4.7k mod),
  • a pair of DPA 4061's (or a pair of OKM II Rock Studio set incl. A3),
  • a Church Audio CA-9100 (with switchable high-pass filter),
  • a SP-SPSB-6524 (Sound Professionals ugly 9V battery box with _I_can't_exactly_remember_how_many_ positions switchable bass roll-off filter),
  • a Tascam DR-2d,
  • an (optional) Edirol R09-HR,
  • me as a stand (my head as a mount)

I understand that the Tascam DR-2d will give me the abilities to record 4 separated tracks (or at least 2 separated stereo sources - one for each pair of mics... but wouldn't this be the same ?) that I'll be able to separate and/or to mix to my own tastes in post, right ?

In most cases, I'm gonna run both pairs in binaural configuration. That means I'll have to set up both mics from the same spot (so no possibilities to do stack taping with the omnis and FOB taping with the cardioids at the same show) unless I can find another taper to help me. I'll probably mostly do stack taping unless I know I can get a really quiet or higher spot from further back in the venue (but that would make the use of omnis a bit awkward, wouldn't it ?). So would my potential acquisition still be worth it ? Omnis and cardioids from the same spot ?

Would the acquisition of a second pair of mics be worth it in regard of the dual recording possibilities of the Tascam DR-2d ?

Considering the gear I listed above, how would you set everything up ?
  • MM-HLSC-1 > CA-9100 > line-in + DPA 4061 > mic-in
  • MM-HLSC-1 > CA-9100 > line-in + DPA 4061 > SP battery box > mic-in
  • DPA 4061 > CA-9100 > line-in + MM-HLSC-1 > mic-in
  • DPA 4061 > CA-9100 > line-in + MM-HLSC-1 > SP battery box > mic-in
  • other...

From what I've experienced from past recordings, I think the CA-9100 preamp is improving the sound of the MM-HLSC-1's (comparing to the use of the battery box - never tried the modded MM-HLSC-1's > Edirol R09-HR mic-in).
Should I also consider buying a second preamp to juice the DPA's ? Even if plugging them directly into mic-in ?

And then, I guess I'd also be subject to battery life issues ?
Will a mic still be powered by the battery box or the preamp when plugged into mic-in (MM-HLSC-1's or DPA's > battery-box or preamp > Tascam DR-2d mic-in) ?

What bugs me with my current rig is that I'm getting kind of a slightly thin/tinny/cold sound. When playing my tapes back on a good pair of headset (Sennheiser Momentum), I'm thrilled.
But when playing them back on my (shitty) home hi-fi stereo or in my (not so optimal) car audio system, the listening experience is a whole other story...

I'd like the omnis to improve my sound in a warmer/deeper/richer way, but I love the definition and clarity of my MM-HLSC-1's. I think they would still add some sweet flavour to the mix, even if the DPA's are more "top of the range".

In addition, I uploaded a few samples of my best sounding tapes to date (different artists, different venues, always s1€@l1#) for you to give them a listen.
Because the (potentially) minor improvement in sound quality might just not be worth the $$$ I'd spent. And I want your take on that too. It's mostly blues rock in 300 to 1500 capacity venues.
Quality wise, the more recent tracks are the best ones because I'm improving as I'm getting experienced :)

After all, you will never control drunk people, world heavyweight audience chatting champions, decerebrated woooo girls or out of tune enthusiasts sing-alongers... And adding a pair of omnis to the chain will inevitably bring them more up front in the mix.

There's no stupid advice coming from an experienced taper !
Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone :)

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Mics : Sony ECM-717, MM-HLSC-1 (4.7k mod), SP-CMC-4 (at853), 2x DPA4060, 2x DPA4061
Battery box : SP-SPSB-6524 w/bass roll-off filter, MM-CBM-1
Preamp : Church Audio CA-9100
Recorders : Sony MZR-700PC, Edirol R-09HR, Tascam DR-2d

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Hi  Fandelive,
i will try to reply. I read two great threads about 4 mic mixes here on TS:;all;all

If you are mixing mics together from the same spot, there is problem with comb filtering. When you set up two pairs at one spot, you have these options:
- you will compare two pairs and you will choose better one
- or you will run omni and cards at the same placement, you will perform low pass filter on omni  in post (to avoid phases issues, you will use just bottom end of omni), you mix it with cards.
- or you will run XY or near coincident cards and very wide spread omni (to minimize phases issues), you mix it together
- or other DR2D application is one pair + sbd.

The following is not very reliable because i don't own DPA 4061 and i don't know MM-HLSC-1. I think DPA 4061 is great mic and expensive. I would use it like main pair alone or wide spread with pair of cards in center.

I would use external preamp for better pair or for pair which will be prominent in the mix. Internal preamp of DR2D is less quality and should be noisy on quieter music.


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