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Author Topic: Recording Problem Stereo to Mono (?)  (Read 649 times)

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Recording Problem Stereo to Mono (?)
« on: February 24, 2016, 11:05:17 AM »
I’m not sure what forum to post this in, as I’m trying to figure out where the problem lies.

I recorded an acoustic show Monday night.  Core Sound HEB’s on my glasses, into the battery box, out of the battery box to a right angle plug, into an 1/8th to XLR cable into a Marantz PMD661.  The mics are about 2 years old.  All cables taped down.

We sat for the entire show and I didn’t move my body or the sidepack where my deck was.   Throughout the recording there are portions when the stereo field becomes very narrow, the levels decrease, and all the low frequencies disappear.  There’s also a faint buzz.   This usually means that there is a loose connection or cable somewhere in the signal chain, and the recording has then become mono.    However, I look at the waveforms, and the two channels are not exact copies of each other when this problem occurs.  It certainly sounds quite mono though when I listen to it on headphones.

I set up my rig at home and tried to recreate the problem by jiggling all the wires and handling all the connection points.  I haven’t been able to recreate it.
At times I did very delicately try to fine tune the rec level on the PMD661, small, small adjustments.  I’m thinking there might be something here.  Is it possible that there is something odd with the rec level on the Marantz?  I have several portable cd players and over time the vol knob on those has problems, ie static as you adjust the level and channel dropouts/mono as you turn the volume knob.   Would the rec level on the Marantz be something that might need to be replaced, or perhaps I just clean it or turn it repeatedly to clean it out?

Is there anything else I should look at to diagnose this problem? I haven’t heard it before in any of my other recordings.  I suppose it is possible I didn’t have something in the mic chain plugged in all the way, but I thought I checked it.  I’ve also read other threads where people have had trouble with the Core Sound battery box.   What would I look for inside when I open it up?  I’m guessing the mini-XLR connection on the inside?


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Re: Recording Problem Stereo to Mono (?)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2016, 10:34:48 PM »
sounds an awful lot like what would happen to my dad's stereo when the gain pots were dirty. but I don't think the marantz has gain pots...
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