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Author Topic: Advice required re Cable connections/adaptor for battery box>DR40  (Read 649 times)

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Apologies for the newbie question.

my gear:
SP CMC2 mics
SP battery Box
Tascam DR40

The output of my battery box, which i bought 10 years ago on this forum, terminates in a 3.5mm male stereo plug. This was fine for the old recorder i used (a nomad jukebox), which had a 3.5mm stereo line in. The Tascam DR40 does not have such an input, it has 2x 6.3mm line ins and 2 XLRs.

So my question is ,what is the easiest way to connect my battery box to the DR40? is it ok to get an adaptor with female 3.5>2 male 3.5 (and then plug those male connectors into 2 6.3mm male jacks?). There are obviously going to be 2 additional connections between the battery box and the DR40. However ,this is only a budget setup and i am not likely to upgrade my gear, so will it be noticeable.  Any suggestions on the cable i should be using would be appreciated. I am in the UK. how about this one?

i do not have the skills to do any soldering or changing the current connector on my battery box. using the XLR connections on the DR40 is a possibility but i am not sure how i would get from the current 3.5mm single output from the battery box, into 2 XLRs. Again, i am not keen on cutting the cables on my mics. I like my battery box setup just fine and want to keep using that.

thanks in advance


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