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Author Topic: TSKB: Locking cam lever bolt to replace set screw - cheaper/better options?  (Read 1035 times)

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I've been using an Impact Back Light Stand base for my DIY carbon fiber stand.  The base itself is great, but the plastic-handled set screw (which holds the 5/8 pin in) doesn't like to stay tight.  No matter how much torque I apply, or regardless of if I wrap the pin with a little gaff tape, it will not reliably stay tight through an entire concert.  Until now, I've only used the Impact base with the ultra-light carbon fiber / DPA 4061 setup, but I'd like to also use it with the Manfrotto 099b pole in the future and at this point I don't trust it to stay put.

What I want is something that will stay tight and locked down, while still allowing quick setup and tear down.  A tension spring on the set screw doesn't seem like it would do much, so I'm looking into a "cam lever" like those below.  I have a couple cheap clamps with tightening systems like this, and they absolutely don't move unless you want them do.  The stock Impact set screw appears to be 1/4-20 thread, and all of these vendors stock that size with bolts of various length.

So before I proceed, two questions:

1. Does using one of these make sense?  If not, do you have a better suggestion?

2. Is there anyplace that sells these cheaper?  I already tried eBay, and get the same thing as the links below.

Xion - Slightly different solution, made for RC airplanes
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The problem may be that the threads aren't meshing like they should so they can't reach the tension needed to stay tight.  The bolt could be slightly undersized or the threads too loose.  If this is happening, you might try retapping and using a quality threaded bolt.


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