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Author Topic: Creative Surround sound options/ideas needed  (Read 170 times)

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Creative Surround sound options/ideas needed
« on: December 12, 2016, 10:33:42 AM »

Hello All- 

I got a copy of the pink floyd early years set.. with all the quadraphonic mixes involved, i need to get on this.
Haven't used 5.1 or any surround system in several years.

Currently using a marantz 2245
all flac/cd/bluray from the pc via usb into an edirol ua-5 > marantz

I'd like to go small/cheap as i don't want to replace my 2245.. (mostly listening to vinyl and fm radio)
Have a pair of b&w nautilus 805 as mains on the marantz, and another pair of b&w dm600 s3 on the pc in the office running through a topping tp-41.

Considering moving the office gear into the main room and combining it all with something like this :

essentially going out of the pc via usb to the 5.1 device > line in marantz for the front and> line in topping for the rear. 

Have some concerns on latency though, thoughts?

Much appreciated, and happy holidays

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