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Author Topic: LanParte V Mount Battery and Voltage spliter plate  (Read 5411 times)

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LanParte V Mount Battery and Voltage spliter plate
« on: February 03, 2017, 04:28:28 PM »
In my search for multiple outputs from a single large Li-Ion battery I've looked at various ENG distribution boxes...this one caught my eye...

LanParte v-Mount Battery System - it is a V Mount Battery sled to mount on a Rail system unit to power a DSLR - Small Video Screen - Various Audio recorders - HDMI spliter

What interested me was the multiple voltage outputs.
D Tap
2 - 12v
USB port (1amp?)


A couple of V Mount Li-Ion and power everything in my bag from a Portico to a Tascam DR-2d

Anyone with experience with this product or manufacturer? The web site is thin on info...there are other versions without HDMI but I can't see how many 12v outputs it has. I need two.

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