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Author Topic: USB to 12v or 9v converter Cables  (Read 5095 times)

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USB to 12v or 9v converter Cables
« on: February 13, 2017, 01:23:46 PM »
OK I've never come across these my USB powerbank has two USB 2amp outputs...that means I should be OK To power anything up to 10watt draw? Would there be a possibility of noise on the line getting into a Preamp?


KUNCAN Dc 5v to Dc 12v Converter Step Up Voltage Converter 5ft Am to Dc5.52.1mm

 BUILD-IN IDENTIFICATION RESISTOR.Input: 5V USB A male; Output: 12V 5.5*2.1mm dc connector; Max current: 2A; Connectors: DC jack 5.5*2.1mm to USB A male. Only for 5V to 12V and no switch but more stable working.
DC DC converter with Mutiple Protection Function. Reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection. Synchronous rectification, the conversion rate is 95% or more, lower heat and long working time.
You can use it to power the router via power bank during power cuts. And also used in other device which is 5v, such as: Huawei HG 531 V1, stepper motor, desk lamp, solar panel, USB power pack, power adapter and so on.
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